Really happy to be able to add a new addition to the line of custom thumb planes I have been working on for the past year. This little convex guy owes it's existence to Karl Dennis, who owns the plane that, although it has the perfect curvature for everything from working recurve, to finishing up the underside of a violin fingerboard, managed to give me some serious blisters! I also thank Karl for his contribution of the ebony wedge design.

So far I have made these in 420 Stainless alloy and the plane makers favorite, silicon bronze. If you have interest in owning one, having one made to your own specifications, please drop a line.

Behind the scenes...

Very happy to announce a new website that shows some of the work that I have been working on to assist fellow luthiers the past few years. It concerns the pursuit of the age old problem of violin making through a combination of architectural measurement, drawing, modeling, engineering, and CNC fabrication. That said, if you want to read more, check out the site. Thanks, -Ben