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A woodworker since middle school, and also a designer, architect, and multi-instrumentalist, Ben Pearce had his first opportunity to focus his talents to the art of lutherie while attending graduate school at the Rhode Island School of Design.  Though he had a lifetime of experiences leading directly to the art of lutherie, he was unaware that this was his true calling until he became aligned with nationally renowned luthier Karl Dennis of Warren, RI.  Through support of the Rhode Island State Council for the Arts in the form of grants and apprenticeships, Ben began working in Karl Dennis' shop in the summer of 2004 and remained there until 2010.  It was there that he was able to channel his experience in woodworking, mandolin playing, with his design skills and general obsessive-compulsive work ethic into articulating exquisite mandolins.

Ben currently continues his practice in building instruments and collaborating with arch top guitar master luthiers John Buscarino and Otto D'Ambrosio, as well as violin makers and other luthiers across the country.

The Outlier Workshop is Ben's outlet for his passion for the ridiculous and the sublime. His aims are nothing short of making mandolins and guitars that meet and exceed both the high demands of today's best players as well as the high bar set by the multitude of amazing woodworkers and craftspeople in the region.